Next-gen solution for government plan review with end to end document management.

From intake to approval and beyond

Digital Plan Room

Optimize document review intake

Automatic submission validation ensures agencies receive the correct plans with minimal staff intervention. Requirements are displayed to the applicant and automatically verified during upload. Files are validated for integrity, including encryption, corruption and digital signatures.


Digital Plan Room Solution

Reduce reviewing time

The Digital Plan Room solution helps to reduce reviewing time by standardizing and automating drawing organization, enabling automatic versioning, and streamlining collaborative issue workflow.

Standardize and automate drawing organization

Create standardized sheet set orders for organization. Choose to organize sheets in the order they were uploaded, define a standard order based on discipline prefixes or let each reviewer define their own custom orders for specific projects, ensuring your teams can quickly find the right drawing no matter how complex the project might be.

End-to-end document management for government plan review workflows.

Always work off the latest plan set

Automatic versioning ensures your team is always working off the latest plan set. Sheet updates are tracked by our proprietary COMET Version Engine, which not only always displays the latest plan set, but also keeps track of the history of every single sheet. Comparing different versions only takes a single click or you can enable comparison mode to automatically detect the differences between review cycles.


Collaborate and communicate with issues

Create issues with markups and comments attached to sheets and documents, or at the project level. Track every issue across review cycles with our collaborative issue workflows, which removes the need to create correction reports. Agency staff or design professionals can create reports of outstanding issues in a self-service fashion with a single click.


Digital Plan Room Solution

Plan review solution for government agencies

The ePermitHub Digital Plan Room is a solution designed specifically for government agencies to streamline their plan review workflows and enhance collaboration with applicants.

Publish approved sets efficiently

Automatically publish approved sets in conjunction with permit issuance. Sets are assembled by our proprietary COMET Version Engine, with stamps applied and conditions of approval embedded to be verified by inspectors in the field, all with zero manual intervention. Customers are also notified, so that they are always building off of the latest code-compliant set.


Revise approved plans with confidence

Dramatically reduce turn-around time associated with revisions after permit issuance. Every submission following plan approval is automatically linked to the original permit and tracked by our COMET Version Engine that maintains versions across all sheets and submissions. Approved sets are automatically published with the most current set across all submissions.

Handle repeat construction with ease

Seamlessly process master plans for single-family subdivision models, townhomes, pools and the like. Master plans are independently approved, filed and revised, while individual construction is submitted against the plans previously filed. Our proprietary COMET Version Engine tracks and aggregates master plans with the individual permit documents, provides reviewers a full picture of each individual construction project and allows for approvals in bulk. Approved plans are automatically generated and accessible to inspectors and the construction team in the field.

Digital Plan Room Solution

Streamlining the Permitting Process

The Digital Plan Room is the next generation electronic plan review solution, making it easier and faster for your design professionals, contractor customers and agency staff to communicate so you can keep your customers happy and your reviews moving along with increased accuracy and efficiency.