ePermitHub is a tech-driven company dedicated to simplifying construction permitting, accelerating project timelines, and reducing costs for construction professionals through an innovative, easy-to-use platform.

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Simplifying Construction Permitting Through Innovation

At ePermitHub, we are committed to transforming the construction industry by simplifying the permitting process, improving project efficiency, and promoting collaboration between all parties involved.

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Game-Changer for Construction Permitting

Choose ePermitHub for easy and efficient construction permitting, and accelerate your project timelines while reducing costs.

Easy-to-use platform

Our platform is designed to simplify the construction permitting process, making it easy for construction professionals to manage their permits, reduce project timelines, and save valuable time and money.

Innovative Collaboration for Streamlined Permitting

We foster collaboration between government agencies and construction professionals, creating a more transparent and efficient system that benefits everyone involved, while streamlining the construction permitting process.

Why Choose us

Looking for a digital plan review solution that adapts to the unique needs of your government agency? Choose us for our flexible approach that works with agency staff to define specific requirements, our cutting-edge technology that seamlessly manages the electronic plan review and approval process, and our Digital Plan Room that drives increased efficiency and ensures code compliance, all leading to a seamless experience and improved customer satisfaction.


We understand the complexities that government agencies face, understand their needs and grow with construction industry changes.


ePermitHub collaborates with government agencies and the construction industry to define specific requirements, creating a seamless experience and removing obstacles towards common goals.


We offer a cutting-edge, web-based digital plan review solution that seamlessly manages the electronic plan review and approval process for government permitting agencies of all sizes, providing end-to-end document management from intake to approval and beyond.


With our Digital Plan Room, collaborative plan review workflows are created, leading to increased effectiveness and efficiency, ensuring code compliance, and significantly reducing turn-around times, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

We are trusted by government permitting agencies of all sizes

Our complete solution for streamlined plan review processes has gained the trust of government permitting agencies and construction professionals of all sizes. Our expertise in this area ensures that we provide efficient and effective service to our clients.


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